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TECHgium® is an open-innovation initiative by L&T Technology Services Limited. With this endeavour, we aim to provide a platform for the nation’s most-talented engineering graduates to solve real-world engineering problems and also get due recognition for it. Students are given an opportunity to use their futuristic ideas to come up with creative solutions. Hear our L&T TS employees talk about what it is really like to work for the organization. Catch them discuss the growth opportunities, learning environment, nurturing culture, and fun experiences in the company and get to know what drives them forward every day at work.

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We believe collaboration propels innovation. There is a myriad of engineering challenges unsolved and huge academic potential untapped. L&T Technology Services aims to solve these two issues with one solution—TECHgium®. We strive to create best-in-class innovative solutions in collaboration with a new breed of associates equipped with niche engineering skills.

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